About Matec Travelling Column Machines

Matec machine tool conception is based on standard machines as well as custom-made machines.  Planning is always based on our customer’s specific machining tasks.  Choosing a basic machine from our programme marks the beginning of each project. A great variety of options, e.g. CNC round and tilting table; 5-axIs milling heads; infinitely variable NC heads; linear drives; handling systems; tools and devices turn basic machines into complete solutions.

The “cleverly-engineered” Matec modular component system allows it to cover nearly all customer requests in metal chipping processing.
The Travelling Column Series.

The travelling column series has been conceived for single-part and series production. Whether used for twin table machining with rotary table or tail stock, multiple clamping or single-part manufacturing of parts in high volume, this machine group covers nearly all fields of application.  Stability, precision and high speed are characteristics of these machines.  Outstanding features of the travelling column series are long traverse paths, horizontally and vertically swiveling machine spindles, easy mounting of clamping units as well as automatic loading by means of external loading systems.

The basic machine of this series is the long-bed machine Matec-30 L.  This milling center is available in various configurations, e.g. with 2 traveling columns or double motor spindle. A swivel head for five-side horizontal and vertical machining as well as for three dimensional machining distinguishes the HV-series. These machines are also available in different configurations. The Matec “tailor-made” system with its extensive service package gives way to a multitude of machine concepts which provide an optimal manufacturing solution for every customer, securing a competitive advantage.